Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

~Indira Gandhi

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  2. Forgiveness is a valuable asset to possess because God tells us that if anyone refuses to forgive He will refuse to forgive that person. We need to remember that such ‘rules’ were a part of the Old Testament but are very different for us. Christianity is not a ‘rule-book’ but a book of principles for guiding us into spiritual participation with Him. We have the ability to be forgiven when we make mistakes (sin) through repentance because of God’s mercy and grace. He recognizes that we are imperfect rather than Divine as He is, so these provisions for us are a result of His love. That being so, He judges us by the content ot our heart rather than by the rule of ‘it is the law’. You might agree with me that this makes our different situaltions at times easier but can also be more difficult because He is challenging us to learn how to be spiritual as He is so that in eternity we can live together. So whether or not ‘to forgive is brave’ depends on how you choose to treat others as you wish to be treated…in love and forgiveness.

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