My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy. ~

William Shakespeare

6 comments on “Crown”

  1. Are we talking about the fulness of what is in his crown (i.e.) nobility, etc., are we talking about contentment in life, for who he is and how he feels about it?

    • Forgiveness doesn’t come “naturally”. Our sinful human nature wants to hold on to grudges, to “get back” through unforgiveness, to demand that somebody makes “it right” before we forgive. Thank heavens Jesus forgave us even while we were “yet sinners”. He didn’t wait until we were appropriately contrite before giving His life on the Cross. When He declares us forgiven–we are! I think the “braveness” comes in when we realize that we cannot forgive others “on our own”–we forgive out of “faith” that believes our own sins are forgiven completely and that we should likewise forgive those who sin against us. Thanks for engaging in the discussion! I know that Ghandi was not a Christian, but she understood the need to go beyond ourselves to forgive–being “brave.”

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