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Sep 05 2016

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O Lord,

Your Son,

the Son of Man

for us men for our salvation

had not where to lay His head

when foxes found their dens

and the birds of heaven

settled rustling to their nests.

Your servant Paul

spent and was spent

ground fine between the turning wheels

of the business of the Lord.


We thank You, Lord,

for busy people everywhere:

those fine, long ranks of men of conscience

who march straight and steady

on the business of Your world

and live on the small, gray satisfaction

of their work well done.


How good they are, these devotees of duty!

What a piece of work

is the working of Your will

in their wills!

Work gets done.  Contracts are fulfilled.

Buses and trains and planes arrive on time.

Letters get delivered.

My morning papers and my milk are at my door.

Roads are repaired, streets are swept.

Lighthouses wink steadily

through the unwatched hours.


How good they are!

How much more beautiful

than the colorful idlers,

the coffee-sipping critics of the humdrum,

the dreamy rebels,

who would be up to their necks

in their own rubbish

but for the unfailing ministrations

of those colorless consciences they despise!


Forgive me, Lord,

for taking them for granted,

for putting on them leisurely demands

for more and more,

for blanking out their persons

with some utilitarian, impersonal,

covering epithet

like “service personnel.”


Remember them in mercy, O Lord.

Give them joy in the jobs they do so well.

Give them eyes to see

 the greatness of the ordered world

which they keep orderly–for You.

Let them not grow small

in listless littleness of heart;

nor smug in their own decency;

nor hard on those

who seem less busy than themselves;

nor forgetful, in their harassments, of You,

too busy for the blessing of Your Word,

too preoccupied to walk

through the gate of prayer

which You hold open to us all.


Prayer by Martin H. Franzmann , Pray For Joy 




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